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Hypknotic Hypoallergenic Detangling Spray - 360ml - Assorted Scents

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Hypknotic Hypoallergenic Detangling Spray - 360ml - Assorted Scents

HypKNOTtic is the latest innovative detangle product in the Secret Weapon range to remove knots and matts easily from your pets coat.

HypKNOTic contains Argan oil, Camellia seed oil, Sweet almond oil, peppermint oil and a water soluble silicone. All of these ingredients aid in detangling, whilst rehydrating and nourishing the hair.

  • Leaves NO sticky build up in the coat as it washes out with water (water soluble silicone).
  • Desheds
  • Dematts
  • Faster Drying

Hypknotic is available Fragrance Free or Peppermint Oil for deodorising and freshening the coat.


How to Use:

  • Pre-spray any really thick knots and brush to start separating hair.
  • Bath with Secret Weapon SECRET WEAPON XTRA SUPER CONCENTRATE and shampoo mixture or regular shampoo
  • After towel drying spray the entire coat with HypKNOTic, especially mats and knots (avoid spraying in eyes)
  • Blow dry until mostly dry
  • While finishing drying, brush pet to remove knots and straighten and fluff coat
  • Once fully dry brush and comb out any knots that remain
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Hypknotic Hypoallergenic Detangling Spray - 360ml - Assorted Scents


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