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Premium Quality Vet Bed / Dry Bed

Premium Quality English Fleece Vet Bed Dry Bed in the largest range of colours and patterns and at the best prices in Australia.

Tough, easy care Vet Bed can be easily cut to size and is suitable for all animals including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and more.
Pet Network’s Vet Bed has thick 100% Polyester Fleece Pile and is the warmest, most versatile animal bedding available. Urine and moisture immediately seep through the pile and into the backing so the top of the Vet Bed stays totally dry to the touch making it ideal for puppies and older dogs. 
Fully machine washable, Vet Bed is quick drying and can be tumble dried  (with the exception of rubber backed) on the cool setting.
Non-allergenic • Non-toxic Non-irritant • Flame retardant
Premium Quality • Soft, dry and warm
Machine washable • Dries fast for quick reuse

Resistant to staining • Ideal for puppies and older dogs
Pet Network’s High Quality Premium Vet Bed is available with non-slip rubber back, green back or no backing and comes in a huge range of colours and patterns.This is the hardest wearing vet bed / dry bed money can buy - it just lasts and lasts!
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