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Vet Bed

Premium Quality ORIGINAL English Vet Bed / Dry Bed. - PLEASE BE AWARE OF IMITATION UK VET BED which is of inferior quality!

Our new colours in our ORIGINAL UK vet bed are here - check them out!

Vet Bed at the best prices in Australia.  Available in:

Green Back Vet Bed

100% polyester with an acrylic based polymer backing (green AUTOCLAVE backing).

Rubber Back Vet Bed

100% polyester with a non slip latex ribbed backing.

No Backing Vet Bed

No backing for easy washing and quick drying.

These are the hardest wearing vet bed / dry bed money can buy - they just last and last!

Vet Bed Premium Quality

Available in a great range of colours and sizes as well as:-

Vet bed flags

Vet bed sizes for PP carriers

Assorted vet bed pieces

Vet bed by the roll