Warranty Terms and Conditions

Dryer Warranty Terms and Conditions

Animal House and other non-branded dryers purchased from Pet Network have a 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase against any manufacturing faults. 

Double K has a 2 year limited warranty from date of purchase against any manufacturing faults. 

  • All products returned for repair under warranty must have proof of purchase enclosed and Serial numbers visible (if applicable)
  • Customer must pay own freight/postage to ship item to Pet Network.
  • If the product is deemed to be covered under warranty, Pet Network will pay for the return postage, otherwise return freight will be added to the final invoice.
  • Warranty limitations:
    • Warranty does not cover filters, motors, brushes, hoses or nozzles.
    • Warranty does not apply to motors if motor brushes are not changed every 300-500 hours of operation and filters are not cleaned as necessary.
    • Warranty does not cover abuse, fire, water, acts of war, droppage, improper voltage, disassembly or damage from lack of proper maintenance.
    • Disassembly, repair or service (with exception of changing motor brushes and cleaning filters) by anyone other than an authorized service agent will void the warranty. 
    • Double K Extreme dryers need to be used with a designated 15 Amp Power Outlet – any damage if used incorrectly will not be covered.


Electric Tables and Baths Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • Due to the nature of the working environment, Electric Lift Tables and Baths installed in mobile grooming stations may suffer from premature wear and tear because of the excessive vibration and the poor air circulation. As a result, Electric Lift Tables and Baths are not recommended to be installed in a mobile grooming station. Warranty for Electric Lift Tables and Baths installed in a mobile grooming station will be reduced to 6 months. Replacement parts installed in these Tables and Baths will also have their warranty period reduced to 6 months.
  • Please do not use any harsh chemicals or scourers on the Stainless Steel Electric Lift Baths. If you do metal particles from the scourer will stay on the bath and this will cause it to rust. To remove the rust use a non-scratch cloth and dishwashing liquid. This is not covered under Warranty.
  • Please do not let dogs urinate on the base/pedals as this will corrode the metal and pedals.  This is not covered in Warranty.


When returning the product for Warranty, please ensure the following: 

  • Customer must pay own freight/postage to ship item to Pet Network.  No COD (Cash on Delivery) will be accepted.
  • Use sturdy packaging to protect the product against damage in transit - such damage is not covered by the warranty or by Pet Network.
  • Include your name, address, proof of purchase and Serial number (if applicable)
  • Provide a detailed description of the fault.


Manufacturer’s Warranty Claims for other Brands such as Wahl and Shear Magic  

We suggest contacting the relevant Company directly, the Australian Importer or their authorized warranty agents directly.  This will be the quickest method to resolve any issues with these products.