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Flexi Classic Compact 2 - Medium - Red

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Flexi Classic Compact 2 - Medium - RED

For Dogs up to 25kg

The Flexi Retractable Dog Leash has been manufactured in Germany using strong and durable materials. It has been designed to utilize specialty functions in order to offer you and your dog the maximum level of safety and control in any situation. The leash comes equipped with a temporary lock, a permanent lock and a comfortable grip.

The lead extends to 5 metres of retractable tape leash and is available for dogs under 25 kg.


  • Do not use the flexi leash to tie your dog.
  • Never use the flexi leash other than with your hand.
  • Do not grasp the cord or tape, you could get injured.
  • Do not wind the tape or cord around parts of your body, you may injure yourself.
  • Safety loop: In addition to the dog collar, always use the safety loop provided. Should the collar snap, the safety loop avoids the cord or the tape rebounding, which may result in injury.
  • Therefore, regularly check the collar of your dog.
  • Walk the dog to heel when other persons or animals approach.
  • Only use the permanent stop function when walking your dog to heel on the short leash.
  • Children should not be allowed to use the flexi leash.
  • Please never open the casing – there is the risk of injury because of the recoil spring mechanism which is under tension.

Examine your flexi leash before each use. Even high quality materials are subject to wear and tear. Strong abrasion or damages - often caused by bites - can harm cord or tape. Please do not continue to use a flexi leash in such a case. Remove any dirt from tape/cord and casing. Should the cord/tape become wet, please dry it by pulling it to its full length out of the casing.


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Flexi Classic Compact 2 - Medium - Red


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