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Challengair Airmax Double K Portable Dryer - Dual Motor Forced Air - 2 Speed

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Challengair Airmax Double K Portable Dryer - Dual Motor Forced Air - 2 Speed

The Challengair® Airmax® produces warm, high velocity air under pressure to make your animal grooming tasks easier. The Challengair® Airmax® has two brush‑type motors. One motor supercharges the other, or use just one for air volume and temperature versatility. The powerful motors reduce drying time as high velocity air penetrates even the thickest undercoats.

The Challengair® Airmax® produces heat by a “flow‑thru” motor system that warms air as it cools the motors for optimum effectiveness and energy savings. The noise deadening, high impact, service friendly “clamshell” housing is made of molded silicone with sound isolating motor mounts. This results in exceptional quietness. The housing is virtually indestructible and will not rust, dent or crack. Includes convenient “push‑on” hose with Double K's Airgonomic Nozzle System: nozzle and nozzle tips designed for easy switching and cool‑to‑the‑touch design. The unique Airgonomic “air sweep nozzle” is designed to blow water off animals' coats in sheets.

The Challengair® Airmax® has dual air filtration that protects motors and shop air quality. Hoses are crushproof and heat resistant.

The Challengair® Airmax® two speed model has two temperatures.

Two Powerful Motors - 123 cubic feet per minute per motor = 246 cubic feet per minute total. The Challengair®Airmax® dryer produces more air due to the aerodynamic housing design and a smooth hose lining, reducing resistance as air moves through the hose, thereby increasing air volume (and velocity).

The Challengair® Airmax® is designed to provide long, reliable service and will retain its beauty much longer than metal dryers. Comes with a two year limited warranty (See Warranty Terms and Conditions on our website)

Hose: 1.5" x 8ft Hose - Hose colour is now black (not as pictured)

Wattage: 2185

Voltage: 230v

• New Airgonomic Nozzle System included


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Challengair Airmax Double K Portable Dryer - Dual Motor Forced Air - 2 Speed


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