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Animal House Twin Motor Dryer

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Animal House Twin Motor Dryer 

Heat with Variable Wind Speed - 2400W Max Power 

Powerful twin motor dryer - each motor can be used independently of each other or used in conjunction for extra drying power.

  • Two 1200 watt direct airflow motors
  • Maximum Power: 2400 Watts
  • Variable Wind Speed: 30m/s-85m/s
  • No heat setting - air temperature: 30 - 65 degrees Celcius
    • Although there is no heating element the dryer produces heat by a "flow through" motor system, meaning the air is pushed through the motors and is warmed by the natural heat of the motors that occurs during operation. This means electrical savings. The dryer will reach its maximum air temperature after about 2-4 minutes of operation. (Note: the higher the room temperature, the warmer the air from the dryer will be)
  • 230 Volts
  • The dryer has two brush-type motors. It is important the brushes are changed when they become worn down to prevent damage to your dryer motor (brushes and motors are not covered in the dryer's warranty as they are maintenance components of the dryer). We suggest checking the brushes every 700 hours of use. It may be more cost effective though in the long run to have your dryer serviced and the motors replaced by our onsite service department.  Please consult the User Manual for more information. (Please note: brushes are not replaced by our service department but can be purchased)
  • Washable and easy cleaning Air Filter
  • 2.4 metre after extend high pressure flexible hose
  • Nozzle has 3 interchangeable attachments: conical, concentrator and fan

Body Colour: White

Hose Colour: Black

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Animal House Twin Motor Dryer


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