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Animal House Tenda Care Soap Free Shampoo - Assorted Sizes

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Animal House Tenda Care Soap Free Shampoo - Assorted Sizes

Ideal for puppies and sensitive skin

Fragrance: Apple Cinnamon 

  • We have revised the Tenda Care formula to make it baby gentle and we have added the natural fragrances of Green Apple and Cinnamon - TRY IT, YOU WILL LOVE IT.

  • Tenda Care Shampoo is a highly concentrated SOAP FREE shampoo.

  • It cleans wonderfully well, but won't strip the necessary natural oils from your dog’s skin.

  • Tenda Care can be used in conjunction with all monthly flea treatments without affecting them.

  • Tenda Care is safe for all types of coats and gentle enough to be used daily. Its gentle formula will soothe even the most sensitive skin and is excellent for young puppies.

  • A highly concentrated shampoo, it represents value for money with a dilution rate of 15 parts water to 1 part shampoo. With this shampoo the saying “Less is More” applies.

  • For those that are not happy with the current herbal shampoos available, this size gives you the ability to try this great shampoo many times over, due to the great dilution rate.

Note: Price is for one bottle of relevant size

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Animal House Tenda Care Soap Free Shampoo - Assorted Sizes


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