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OSTER BLADE GEAR LUBE 1.25oz (35.4g)

OSTER BLADE GEAR LUBE 1.25oz (35.4g)

  • $1095


Premium Clipper Grease designed specifically for all universal motor clippers.

Grease clipper only as recommended in your owner's manual. Use grease sparingly as over-greasing may cause leakage and reduce clipper's efficiency.

Step One: Unplug clipper from power supply.  Loosen two top screws and remove metal coverplate.

Step Two: Remove nylon lever, metal linkage and gear.  Clean old grease from cavity.

Step Three: Apply grease into top hole until grease appears in top and bottom gear post holes.  DO NOT FILL CAVITY WITH GREASE.  Grease gear and linkage very lightly. Replace parts and metal coverplate. Tighten screws firmly.

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