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FLEXIBLE HEAT PAD - Available in 2 sizes

  • $12765

FLEXIBLE HEAT PAD - Available in 2 sizes

A new flexible moulded polymer heated pad that is easily cleaned and resistant to most chemical detergents. This flexible pad features a 2 metre cord. Being soft, this flexible pad sits firmly on any surface even if it's not level. A must for new born puppies and kittens and strongly recommended for elderly or unwell pets.

Understanding how the Redflex Pet Heating Pad works:

Uncontrolled heating devices as opposed to thermostatically controlled heaters rely on the balance between the heat output (watts) of the heater, its surface size and the ambient temperature of it's surrounding to achieve the desired temperature control.

The manufacturer controls the heat output and the size of the heater. The user controls the condition under which the heater works. The advantage of this type of heater is that when used correctly it is the most hassle free and safe.

The Redflex range of pet heating pads are designed to give a very safe low heat output. When the heater surface is exposed to the ambient temperature the surface heat will be almost undetectable because of the high heat transfer rate.

This does not mean that it will not heat the animal properly it just means that when the animal lies on the pad the insulating qualities of the animals fur and body will slow the heat transfer rate and thus the heat will be easily detected.

Never place any insulating material on top of your redflex heater as this may overheat the heater and possibly cause premature failure, the heat must radiate away.

A single layer similar to a pillow slip is acceptable over the heater pad.

Never place the heater UNDER foam cushions or thick bedding.

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